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Quang Ngai: Enterprises to Realize Energy Efficiency


To save the costs and increase the production efficiency, many business owners have to pay proper attention to energy efficiency.

Dung Quat oil refinery is one of the enterprises to realize the cost effective. This enterprise has applied solutions to save energy, to bring about the benefits for itself worth of millions of dollars each year. It is the efficient use of the boiler system; the increase of capacity and the application of LED to replace the high pressure fluorescent lamps. Engineer Le Minh Thuoc, electrical maintenance department, Repair Maintenance Division, Binh Son Refinery Company reveals that saving is one of the forefront criteria at the production and business operations. "For Dung Quat oil refinery, the general energy-saving, electricity saving, in particular, is specifically important. It is the savings that allowed the Company to develop with sustainability" Mr. Thuoc said.

To save the costs, to increase the production efficiency, many business owners, especially manufacturing companies in the fields of steel, cement and ... seafood processing sectors whose electricity cost accounts for high proportion in the product price, have to pay proper attention to energy efficiency. Mr Phan Van Tung, Deputy General Director of Dai Hung Steel Structures JSC in Dung Quat Economic Zone, says every month the company has to pay additional costs to produce current output. Electricity Saving means cost savings, thus the enterprise has to reduce energy consumption through technological innovation. Mr. Tung also says that the company has been focusing on all solution so as to save the cost, including the cost of electricity. "We applied several technologies, such as continuous rolling technology, endless hot rolling technology to reduce some phases of energy consumption".

Vinatex Garment Company realizes its  effective power saving.

Mr. Le Tan Ky, Director of Truong Thinh Trade for Import and Export, operating in the Mo Duc Industrial & Handicraft Complex says that currently his enterprise is looking for solutions to minimize the electricity cost. The optimal solution chosen and applied by this enterprise is to promote saving practices, especially for energy savings.

The electricity saving is the undertaking not only for business owners but now for each worker. For the apparel businesses, in addition to taking the advantage of natural light, they are now stepping up the promotion of power saving in each worker. Whereby, each worker in the factory is aware of savings, as power savings in particular. Ms. Chau Thi Loan, a garment factory worker of VINATEX Quang Ngai, says more than 700 employees working in the Company are conscious of energy savings through their specific responses. "To save electricity, during the off-work and off-shift time, all the lights are turned off. At the places where workers would stay for night shift, the lights are on, if not, before going home lights are all turned off ".

Nguyen Thanh, Deputy Director of Quang Ngai Power Company says that in 2015, Quang Ngai province achieves power saving of nearly 18 million kWh. Out of that saved output, the manufacturing sector accounts for 40% of savings. In addition, the investment solutions are also resorted to, such as improving technology, using natural light and raising the awareness for the employees. "Some big businesses also hire consultants to audit the energy for each production line, and machinery to work out the investment solutions, innovative technologies for energy efficiency" – says Mr. Thanh.

The relevant, economical and effective use of energy represents more significance for businesses. The initial results of enterprises in Quang Ngai in the practice of energy savings has contributed to the conservation of national resources and environmental protection. It is also urgent to do now and in the long run for the country.

Trong Tan


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