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Hoa Phat Group applies green, energy-saving technology in steel production


The application of technologies to help save energy and protect the environment is in Hoa Phat Group's top 1 priority. Over the years, the group has invested in many "green" technology solutions to produce "clean" steel products.

Hoa Phat is the leading industrial production group in Vietnam. Steel production is the core business, accounting for over 80% of the group's revenue and profit. The main products in Hoa Phat's steel production chain include construction steel, hot rolled coil (HRC), prestressed steel, wire drawn steel, steel pipes and color coated corrugated iron. With a capacity of over 8 million tons of steel of all types, Hoa Phat Group is the largest steel pipe and construction steel producer in Vietnam with a market share of 32.5% and 31.7% respectively.
In the steel production process, Hoa Phat Group has to use a large amount of electricity, water, coal... Therefore, the application of technologies to save energy and protect the environment is in top 1 priority of this corporation. Over the years, the group has invested in many "green" technology solutions to produce "clean" steel products.
Typically, the technology of recovering heat and exhaust gas for power generation and reuse applied by Hoa Phat has shown remarkable efficiency. Specifically, at Hoa Phat Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex, the group has applied heat recovery clean coke coal production technology - an environmentally friendly and energy-saving production technology. Accordingly, this technology eliminates all harmful gases, fumes and chemicals generated from the coking process, only recovering heat to run the generator.

Overview of Hoa Phat Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex
With clean coke coal smelting and heat recovery technology, , Hoa Phat Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex currently runs a generating capacity of 64MW, the electricity output in 2020 will reach 478 million KWh, equivalent to about 70% of the electricity produced, which means saving over 800 billion VND.
The above technology is also applied at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Iron and Steel Complex. Currently, the generating capacity of Hoa Phat Dung Quat is 240MW. In 2020, this complex will use nearly 1.6 billion KWh of electricity, of which 1.2 billion KWh can be produced by the company itself, the rate of self-produced electricity is nearly 80%. Comparatively, the cost savings thanks to the solution of heat and exhaust gas recovery at Hoa Phat's steel complexes since 2021 is in the range of 4,000 billion VND.

Blast furnace slag crushing line at Hai Duong Iron and Steel Production Complex
Besides, Hoa Phat always tries to optimize its technology to create "green" products, contributing to environmental protection. In early 2018, this group renovated the granulated slag generation system with high-pressure cold water and invested in an additional blast furnace slag crushing line at the Hai Duong Iron and Steel Production Complex. This is the most modern synchronous vertical crushing technology line today, with a capacity of 115 tons per hour, equivalent to 750,000 tons/year. This technology helps turn waste generated in the iron refining process into finely milled blast furnace slag S95 - a building material product of high economic value. Optimizing production technology not only helps Hoa Phat fundamentally solve the problem of solid waste but also brings a stable revenue source of hundreds of billions VND per year thanks to this additive.

The finely milled blast furnace slag product S95 contributes to the thorough treatment of solid waste in the clean steel production process of Hoa Phat
Steel production also generates a large amount of dust. In order to protect the environment as well as ensure the health and safety of employees, Hoa Phat also applies many measures to handle this amount of dust such as electrostatic precipitators, cloth bag dust filters, wet dust filters. Along with that, this group also built a system of walls and planted trees to prevent dust dispersion and sound absorption. In particular, the amount of iron-containing dust recovered in the process of iron and steel smelting, steel rolling scales are reused at all stages of production, both saving costs and improving the working environment.
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