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Italian Artist Installs Solar Energy-Powered Video Installation


Globally renowned Italian video artist, Fabrizio Plessi has undertaken an interesting project of a large-sized video installation entitled MONUMENTA powered by solar energy.

This project installed in Agrigento’s Sicilian city’s temple ruins forms a bridge between antique philosophy and modern technology. Nine monumental tower constructions made of tuff have been integrated into the historic ruins in the temple valley from Agrigento in Sicily.


Video installations are present in the towers, which can capture the world view of historic philosopher Empedocles and can deal with the forces of nature: water, fire, earth and air. Roof-installed PV modules provide emission-free electricity and render the work of art a totally distinct dimension. MONUMENTA can be viewed till 5 November, 2012 at the grounds of the “Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento” (Sicily). The artist will showcase his novel artistic approach to a global expert audience.

Fabrizio Plessi’s video installations light up the inside of a row of monumental artistic towers. The historic Greek temples built in the 5th Century BC have been a source of inspiration to the artist. Nine temples were set up by Plessi each 6 m height and 6 m width. The towers are arranged in such a way as if they have fallen down from the heavens. Each individual tower is hollow with space for digital, emotional video installations. Plessi has incorporated the theories and thoughts of historic Sicilian philosopher Empedocles who founded the concept of the basic four elements, air, fire, water and earth. When observed from outside, they look like solid stone colossi as if they were sections of the temple area ruins. Inside they come alive as primary elements, which include rain, lava, thunderstorms and wind.

With support from SiG Solar, the energy required for Plessi’s digital installation is generated by the latest photovoltaic plants and renders this video art possible without causing any pollution to the environment. This is the first time futuristic art has been integrated with renewable energies. Sun Earth’s photovoltaic modules by SiG Solar are fitted to the monoliths roof for transforming solar energy to virtual pictorial worlds .

The video installation was supported by the Fondazione Roma-Mediterraneo, Art Gallery Contini and the Il Cigno GG Edizioni.

The artist will showcase his newest project at the Intersolar trade fair on 14 June.

By Lê My
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