Wednesday, 01/02/2023 | 13:55 GMT+7

Top 10 bad energy wasting habits


We're all guilty of bad habits. Don't live in denial, it only wastes energy. The good news, you can become a reformed energy hog by avoiding these energy-guzzling habits.

"I waste time and energy in front of the fridge." - People spend about 10.4 hours a year staring at an open fridge.

"I buy incandescent bulbs." - CFLs save about $40 in energy costs over their lifetime.

"I fall asleep with the television on." - If it's your nightly routine, it costs you about $55 a year or a nice dinner.

"I keep my charged laptop and cell phone plugged-in." - Psst.. It won’t go past 100%, but it’ll waste energy.

"I let Energy Vampires use energy during standby mode." - Borrow a Kill A Watt™ to stop them—it’ll save you energy.

"I don’t program my programmable thermostat." - What?! It’s costing you about $180 a year.

"I bake on summer afternoons." - Your AC’s breaking a sweat to keep your home cool.

"I leave fans on in empty rooms." - Remember, fans cool people NOT rooms.

"I forget to change out air filters." - Think of the dust inhaled and energy wasted.

"I leave the lights on when I exit a room." - They’re just as easy to turn on as they're to turn off.


(According to Save with Srp)
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