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Power Saving Lamps: Vietnamese Products Get Crowned


It is power saved, energy security ensured for the benefits of the economy and the environment, a major policy of the Party and State.

It is power saved, energy security ensured for the benefits of the economy and the environment, a major policy of the Party and State. To implement this policy, during the past time businesses have been making investments into equipment and technological innovation, to increase their production capacity. The businesses launched many lighting products with low power consumption and energy efficiency, friendliness with the environment, so the customers are responding positively.

If we wander around electrical equipment market in the northern central provinces, even in the heart of the city or the towns, townships and rural markets, the next-generation lighting products could be caught in sight. The high efficiency lighting lamps includes LEDs, compact, fluorescent T6, T8 on sales popularly. It is worth mentioning, these are not the products imported from Thailand, China or South Korea, Japan or other countries with advanced technology in the world, these are the products of the Vietnam.

In the production of electricity efficiency lamps, Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask JSC  is in the lead, next comes Dien Quang Lamp Company, Saigon bulb Limited Company... These are big companies with sufficient strength to compete with imported goods. Especially, the two companies Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask and Dien Quang Lamp are now the state-owned company of perennial brand which has built solid confidence in the customer's mind, and they are now making investments into equipment, technological innovation, production of all kinds of lights such as LEDs, compact, fluorescent of energy efficiency, and durability, which have attracted large numbers of foreign and domestic customers. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the estimated annual 2 companies Rang Dong and Dien Quang holds about 70-75% market share in domestic lighting.

Besides meeting the demands of domestic consumers, the businesses also establish its brand in the region and the world. It is reported that the annual exports come to many countries around the world, especially those in Asia, Latin America, accounting for 25-35% of total sales of the business...

To meet the demands for electricity saving light bulbs, with environmentally friendly features, more recently, the trading companies have brought in many electrical appliances, and lights produced by Vietnam with beautiful, durable, low cost models to offer customers more opportunities to choose their products within the tastes and their affordability. Especially, big sales are foreseen in the upcoming Lunar New Year.

The newer the electrical equipment is, the better power-saving the capability is. If in the past we used incandescent bulb which consumed a capacity of 45, 50, 60W, now it is possible with the same light just with the compact fluorescent light bulbs, dowel lamps , LED ... just consuming 5W to 15W, savings of 5 to 8 times below the amount of electricity cost. However, in parallel with the selection of energy saving light bulbs, consumers also need to know the layout for reasonable light distribution, utilization of natural elements in green building space to get natural light. Also, it is advised to turn off the devices when they are not in use.

Not only Vietnamese enterprises are making the business efforts, the other regional and international lighting equipment producers such as Philips, Natipnal, Sunled are also infiltrating and competing in the Vietnamese market. Obviously, when the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement was signed and entered into force in 2016, the business race to capture the market advantages of lighting equipment between Vietnamese enterprises and overseas enterprises is increasingly hard. With the priority policies of the Government, the strong rise of Vietnamese enterprises, the positive response to the policy: "Vietnamese prioritize Vietnam products" we trust and hope that lighting equipment market would have all kinds of products with good design, good quality, economical and high efficiency, are manufactured in the country, playing an upper hand over the imported products.

by Vietnam Energy 

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