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Next Generation Nissan EV Batteries Made in UK


The latest from Nissan: their new generation batteries for electric vehicles will be made in the UK.

The latest from Nissan: their new generation batteries for electric vehicles will be made in the UK. 

At times when most companies outsource their production to Asia, it is very refreshing to see that there are still some that chose to support the European labor market. One such company is Nissan, who, for the past three years, has been producing their EVs in Sunderland, UK. With this, Nissan has provided more than 2000 jobs, and has invested more than £400 million (~$600m).

In the latest announcement coming from the company’s kitchen, Nissan made it very clear that they have no intention to leave the EU island. They revealed their plan to produce their next-generation EV batteries again in Sunderland, UK, guaranteeing huge investment flow and many more job openings for highly-skilled workers.

In more detail, the automakers state that their new battery plant will be the largest of its type in Europe. It will be producing advanced lithium-ion energy storage packs, will bring just over £26m (~$38m) of investments to the UK, and it will guarantee at least 300 high-end jobs.

Nissan’s batteries have been picking up quite a speed over the last years, being offered at competitive, continuously dropping prices, yet maintaining a high quality standard (except for some minor few initial hiccups that have been taken care of in the mean time). If the prices follow their current decreasing trend, in the coming years Nissan might actually secure a very favorable position on the battery market.

To ensure this positive outcome, the maker of the famous LEAF has decided to join forces with British academic and Technology partners- University of Warwick, Newcastle University, Hyperdrive Innovation, Warwick Manufacturing Group, and Zero Carbon Futures. Together, they have secured close to £10m (~$15m), granted by the British Advanced Propulsion Center.

The new battery plant will be the fourth for Nissan.

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