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Tuesday, 07/07/2020 | 15:32 GMT+7
Tuesday, 07/07/2020 | 15:32 GMT+7

2016 Power Savings Emulation: “Positive Habits Created, Effectiveness Achieved"

To date, 44,034 households have registered to participate in the emulation "Family of Power Savings".

To implement the National Target Program on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy initiated by the Government for 2011-2015, the Can Tho Power Company has actively collaborated with the mass organizations to launch an emulation in power-saving practices for all customers in the city. Through the emulation, many encouraging results have been obtained.

Mr. Tran Vi Duc, Deputy Director of Can Tho Power Company said: "To the task is well done, along with the deployment of professional tasks, the leaders of mass organizations and Can Tho Power Company launched the emulation internally. For the past 5 years (2011-2015) Can Tho Power Company has stepped up the coordination with all other partners over the emulation on electricity savings, with Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Women's Union, Farmers’ Union, Veterans’ Union in the localities. In addition, the electricity savings emulation was also launched throughout the districts and to households. Thus, the emulation contributed to the positive impact and created a social consensus in the communication oneconomical and efficient use of electricity". 

Mr. Tran Vi Duc, Deputy Director of Can Tho Power Company is passing the awarded certificates for good performers in the communication for safe and efficient use of electricity.

For the period of 5 years (2011-2015) the company's total electricity production reaches 176,516,832 kWh of savings, equivalent to VND263,36 billion. For the past 5 years, the Can Tho Power Company of Can Tho City has held 30 public communicative sessions for over 30,000 communicators and officials of the Women's Union from counties / districts; 8 communication sessions for more than 1,200 youth unionist of the Youth Union and 43 training groups in the villages / neighborhoodswith over 2,500 households to provide guidance and communicate on electricity saving measures in domestic activities. To date, 44,034 households have registered to participate in the emulation "Family of Power Savings". In addition, the company collaborates with mass organizations to print out the registration sheets for records of electricity savings emulation participants, and distributed the emulationmanuals on safe, economical and efficient use of electricity to 151,200 members. At the same time, the Company also organized promotion activities with messages on economical and efficient use of electricity across the area. 

In the power savings emulations, the youth union members in Can Tho city have always been the exemplary and in the lead of the emulation. With practical and diversified actions, the Youth Union members supported with their activities to raise the public awareness of power savings, making a contribution in completion and improvement of  the quality of the campaign "Vietnam Youth with power savings practice" launched by the Central Committee of the Youth Union. To promote the activities, the Can Tho Youth Union issuesinstructive documents to counties / districts’ unions for the unionists, and young people with practical, exemplary practices in the power savings emulation and communication in the family and the community, while the Youth Union also plays a pioneer role in every campaign, such as Earth Hour campaign; Summer Youth Volunteer; Power Savings Communication programs for pupils in primary schools and intermediate schools. Along with the emulation of building new rural countryside, Youth Union in cooperation with Can Tho Power Company planned the power economical bulb installation, called "Lighting the country roads". Mr. Nguyen Duy Phuc, Deputy of the Urban and Rural Young Workers Group, under the Can Tho city Youth Union, said: "In 2016, Can Tho Youth Unionhad good performance in collaboration with Can Tho Power Company to promote the communication on the economical and efficient use of electricity among numerous youth groups and communities. In the previous years the communication was mainly performedamong school students, while the planned communication in 2016 focuses on students at higher schools, colleges and universities."

In 2015, Can Tho Power Company in collaboration with the mass organizations (Women's Union, Farmers’ Union, Veterans’ Union) received 88,665 registered sheets of participants in the electricity-saving program with a total power consumption of over 17,809 kWh, equivalent to about VND 1.3 billion. Recognizing the efforts in implementing the program in 2015 to save power, the Chairman of Can Tho City People’s Committee has awarded the certificates of merit toone collective team and five individuals who had the outstanding achievements in the implementation of energy savings program. Besides, many groups and individuals received merit certificates from the Department of Industry and Trade, and Can Tho Power Company for their achievements in power saving emulation; participation in the public communication, advocacy, implementation of safe, economical and efficient use of electricity. Theyalso received the positive responses, consensus from all levels of authorities. However, due to the increasing demands of people's lives, with more use of electrical equipment, while the coordination between the agencies are not well synchronized, the Power Savings Emulation has not met the expectation.

Launching the Power Savings Emulation 2016 and the coordination plans with the mass organizations, bearing the thematic title “Positive Habit Created, Effectiveness Achieved", the Can Tho Power Company defines the following goals: raising public awareness; building the awareness, creating the habit of power usage with savings and efficiency; bringing the electricity-saving and energy efficiency into daily life of every family; timely honoring the typical images of  power savings and exemplary use of electricity in offices, workplaces and community, as a contribution to environmental protection. Accordingly, it is planned to launch the program in at least 1-2 hamlets / cultural area in the 85 wards, and households and families in conjunction with the members of the mass organizations of the nine districts in Can Tho city. The Can Tho Power Company estimates a total 129,271 kWh of consumption to be saved throughout the region during 10-month duration of the emulation (from January to November 2016).

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