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Friday, 22/01/2021 | 10:44 GMT+7
Friday, 22/01/2021 | 10:44 GMT+7

Electricity Cost Saved by Nearly 3,800 Billion/Year

The average annual saving is 2.37 billion kWh, i.e.VND3,792 billion / year is saved from electricity cost.

In the enactment of the Law on Electricity, the Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy, the National Target Program on energy saving and efficiency, or Directive 171 of the Prime Minister on electricity savings, during the past 5 years (2011 - 2015), 11.88 billion kWh was saved in the entire country. 

Thus, the average annual saving is 2.37 billion kWh, i.e.VND 3,792 billion / year is saved from electricity cost.

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) revealed that a Steering Committee for Economical and Efficient Use of Electricity was established in the Corporation, Electricity Authority and every Power Company. 

Electricity of Vietnam also issued many legal documents and instructions concerning the electrical safety, and energy efficiency.

Notably, the propagation and dissemination of messages to raise public awareness in mass communication programs include: "Earth Hour"; "Power Saving Families”; "Saving electricity in schools"; "Model Street/Road for power-saving"; "We Together use electricity with safety and saving" all of which have been deployed to reach the communities, residents, organizations and businesses in the whole country ... This result is attributed to the efforts of Electric Power Corporation and Power Companies which cooperated closely with the media to organize effectively many communication programs for energy efficiency in the communities.

For exemplary illustration, during the campaign of the annual Earth Hour, the Power Companies have their messages on the media; hanging banners, flags and bill boards, leaflets, posters; bike parades; display of paintings to advocate the green earth; slogans composed on saving power; ecological roof project; movies with communication contents about environmental protection, and energy efficiency. At the same time, the families, organizations and agencies are motivated to get involved in the implementation of turning off the lights and unnecessary electrical equipment during the Earth Hour event.

Nearly VND 3,800 billion/year as saving in electricity cost. Photo: VNA

The Business Division of EVN reveals that the program has attracted the participation of and received the active responses from the community, thereby, contributed to raising public awareness about climate change and energy saving. The power average savings from light off for one hour is 419,000 kWh annually, saving an electricity cost of VND 684 million for 1-hourlight off.

For the program "Power Saving Family", the Power Company in collaboration with the political, local mass organizations, provided the instructions for energy-saving solutions to be applicable in households, while launched the campaign to get households involved in the program. The program-registered families with high power-saving results receive prizes and are honored with the title Power Saving Family.

In fact, by this time, the program has attracted more than 3 million rounds of households in the country to participate; many of which could save over 10% over the previous year, worth of a saving for over300 million kWh per year.

In the implementation of the program "We Together Use Electricity with Safety and Efficiency", the Youth Union of the Electricity Corporation and Power Company in collaboration with the Central Youth Union went for pupils in primary schools and intermediate schools to disseminate the basic knowledge about electrical power and its role in daily life. At the same time, the students were also explained about procedures in safe and economical use of electricity.

The appropriate forms of communication for the school students are presentations, video clips show, thematic games, introduction of the specimen, handouts of leaflets and materials. The program was implemented in hundreds of school campuses across the country to attract thousands of participating students.

The program "Installation of solar energized water heater in replacement of electric water heaters" has assembled over 110,000 tanks, including 96,000 solar energized water heaters, under the solar energy program implemented by EVN and the rest was realized under the programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. These programs have increased the average number of solar energized water heaters all over the country to more than 700,000 tanks; a saving of 1 billion kWh/year, equivalent to the amount of VND 1,600 billion/year; making an average market growth of 30-40%/year.

Regarding the supportive program "Replacement of incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps", the Electricity Corporation replaced 7 million incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs for households under the support prices of 10% - 25%; and free of charge for poor households. Thus, the annual electricity savings reach 460 million kWh per year, an average saving of VND 700 billion/year.

The overall program has great impact on raising awareness of the community on the use of high efficiency lights. Currently, the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs has become very popular. The producers and traders of compact lamps have developed their domestic sales network extensively.

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