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Ninh Thuan effectively implemented power-saving measures
Thứ sáu, 01/10/2021 - 08:24
In the first 8 months of 2021, Ninh Thuan PC has saved 10,978 million kWh, equivalent to 2.25% of commercial power output and an increase of 4.02% over the same period in 2020.
Responding to the "National Energy Efficiency Programme", over the past time, Ninh Thuan Power Company (PC) has increased the implementation of propaganda activities, raising the awareness of using energy efficiently, reduce costs for production and business activities and contribute to protecting the living environment in response to climate change.

PC Ninh Thuan propagates power saving to people (Photo: Ninh Thuan Newspaper)
From the beginning of 2021, PC Ninh Thuan has built many power saving programs such as: Earth Hour; Households save electricity; Saving electricity in schools… At the same time, PC Ninh Thuan also actively distributes leaflets and publishes information on newspapers and radio; propaganda at mass activities, integrated in the launching program "Electricity-saving family"; encourage customers to use electricity economically and efficiently, focusing on the use of rooftop solar power.
In order to contribute to the overall success in encouraging the development of rooftop solar power, in the coming time, PC Ninh Thuan will continue to implement content such as: Promote the propaganda and popularization of the installation process as well as technical requirements of rooftop solar power projects into the company's power system. Detailed instructions for people wishing to install and connect to the grid. Along with that, the company also directly guides customers to choose reputable and quality suppliers.
In August 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic in Ninh Thuan province had many complicated developments, affecting the maintenance and repair plan of the power grid of the company. However, with the spirit of initiative, Ninh Thuan PC still ensures the safe operation of the power system, stable power supply for the load components in the province, including: Important customers, key production customers , business - service customers and living lighting customers. Especially, ensuring a stable power supply for medical facilities serving the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the province, contributing to fulfilling the task of providing electricity for the needs of economic development and security in local area.
Ha Tran