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Hanoi starts up the one hour brown-out to respond to Earth Hour 2015


Hanoi People's Committee issued Document No. 70 / KH-UBND dated March 13, 2015 with its Plan in response to Earth Hour 2015 Campaign. Hanoi committed to participate in the Campaign with practical activities to disseminate the message "saving energy, responding to climate change".

As set forth in the schedule, Hanoi will start up the event in response to Earth Hour 2015 Campaign first of all provinces and cities across the country. In particular, Hanoi will turn off the lights for 1 hour from 20h30 to 21h30 on Sunday, March 22, 2015. The event will be live televised on VTV from its OB van stationed in the August Revolutionary Square (Quang truong Cach Mang thang 8). The event will be co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam and donors from Vietnam Electricity and Daikin Vietnam.

To implement the plan, Hanoi will switch off all the lights, decorations, billboards in 1 hour from 20h30 to 21h30 March 22nd  at the famous landmarks, some public areas, streets and boulevards such as Tortoise Tower (Thap Rua), Ngoc Son Temple – The Huc bridge, Ly Thai To flower garden, the areas around the Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House and Truc Bach Lake. The headquarters, offices, and public institutions in the City and the districts and towns will also have all the lights switched off for an hour to respond to the Campaign.

In addition to the light switch off, several campaign responsive activities are also organized by the city such as: hanging advertisement flyers, banners on the streets, organization of communication activities in every district, commune, ward and in the mass media for people to know and respond to the Campaign; also at the headquarters of 30 districts and the departments of the City People’s Committee there will be posters, banners for propaganda.

Responding to the Earth Hour Campaign 2015 initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a series of exciting activities have been run in Hanoi. Those activities include: the Campaign Inception, which attracted over 3,000 young people; the IEC campaigning activities in universities, colleges and secondary high schools in the City.

In 2011, the Earth Hour Campaign in Hanoi saved 162 MWh. In 2012, Hanoi saved 196 MWh and in 2013, it was 220 MWh. And in 2014, Hanoi saved 234 MWh.

Following Hanoi, the other 62 provinces and cities across the country have been deploying their practical actions in response to the Earth Hour Campaign.

By Trong Tan



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