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Implement energy recovery solutions, Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. saves nearly 1 billion VND/year


By recovering almost all the energy from the heat, Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. saves nearly 1 billion VND in electricity costs and reduces nearly 400 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. (part of the Toshiba Group) was established in 2009 in the Amata Industrial Park - Dong Nai with a total area of 80,000 m2 and a total charter capital of 35 million USD. The company specializes in manufacturing high-efficiency industrial electric motors, generators, and environmentally friendly car motors for the global market.
Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. is a model enterprise in the industrial sector for using energy efficiency and conservation. Recently, the company has applied numerous energy-saving measures, reducing production energy costs and CO2 emissions each year.
Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Company in Amata Industrial Park - Dong Nai
Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hieu, Director of Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd., stated: "Toshiba has developed a new long-term 'Future Environmental Vision 2030' from a global perspective to address issues such as carbon neutrality, aiming for a net-zero, resource-circulating society, and harmony with nature. To achieve these goals, Toshiba believes it is important to align with global trends and focus on sustainable industrial development, including eco-friendly and green industries in Vietnam."
Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. not only focuses on developing high-efficiency products but also prioritizes technological improvements to save energy and recycle energy in production activities.
Introducing energy-saving solutions at the factory
Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hieu shared that the company has proactively implemented techniques to recover all the heat emitted by factories to serve internal production activities. Specifically, in 2022, the company recovered almost all the energy from the hot air of the aluminum furnace to use in the painting line drying process and the steel sheet drying system. Toshiba uses pipelines to transport the hot gas across the roof and through a heat exchanger using fans to draw hot air from the aluminum furnace and circulate the heat, allowing easy temperature adjustment.
Hot air transport pipeline
"In the past, drying products after coating and drying oil on steel sheets required infrared drying lamps using electrical energy, now waste heat from the aluminum furnace is used to dry products through a heat exchanger, reducing electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. This solution saves the company nearly 1 billion VND in electricity costs and reduces nearly 400 tons of CO2 emissions annually," added Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hieu.
In addition, the company has many projects and activities to save energy, such as using large-capacity inverter air-conditioners to save energy, replacing high-pressure lamps with LED lights, using inverter compressors, researching the construction of new workshops using natural lighting, replacing old motors with high-efficiency Toshiba motors, and applying varnish spraying technology instead of dipping varnish.
In addition to technological solutions, internal management solutions, and sustainable energy use strategies are also focused on by Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
The company's energy management team was established to implement the contents of the "Vietnam National on Energy Efficiency Programme" and the "Law on Using Energy Efficiency and Conservation" through activities such as assessing energy status and management, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of energy management activities, identifying energy use areas, organizing energy-saving activities for all employees, monitoring energy management implementation, supporting energy management and energy-saving solutions, and regularly reviewing and evaluating energy management implementation.
The company also conducts energy audits to assess energy use and identify energy-saving opportunities and solutions.
Following the regulations of Law No. 50/2010/QH12 dated June 17, 2010, of the National Assembly on Using Energy Efficiency and Conservation, and Law No. 55/2014/QH13 dated June 23, 2014, of the National Assembly on Environmental Protection, the company conducted periodic energy audits in 2021 and plans to implement another audit in 2024.
Applying energy-saving solutions not only helps the company save operating costs, providing a safe and clean working environment for employees but also meets the criteria of green and circular production. "In addition to the solutions already implemented, bringing significant energy savings, the factory hopes to have more projects and further cooperation and support from the government and local authorities to install a rooftop solar energy system," expressed Mr. Hieu.
Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. receives the Special Award from the Jury of the 2023 Industrial Energy Efficiency Award
In the current context, where production energy costs are increasingly high, and the prices of electricity, coal, and oil continue to rise, significantly affecting business plans, the determination to invest in improving and saving energy is the top correct decision for industrial enterprises. Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. has adhered to this principle. This has contributed to helping the company save costs and move towards a green and sustainable industrial enterprise.
Thanks to the investment in technology and high-efficiency energy-saving solutions, Toshiba Asia Industrial Products Co., Ltd. was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association (VECEA) to receive the Special Award for "Industrial Energy Efficiency Award 2023." This award is given to units with effective energy-saving solutions, applying new technologies with the potential for widespread replication.
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