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Power Savings Communication Promoted in Schools


Recently, a series of power savings communication activities have been conducted in schools.

Recently, a series of power savings communication activities have been conducted in schools.

To realize the directive of the Provincial People’s Committee on enhancing power savings in 2015, the Electric Power Company of Thua Thien Hue organized communication sessions on power savings in over 30 schools in the province, such as Phu Tan junior high school, junior Phu Mau junior high school, Phu Duong junior high school, and Phong An junior high school.

In these communication sessions, the students were provided with the knowledge of electricity use with savings and efficiency in a very lively form of presentation, through the slide shows, short drama performance, and Quiz with bonuses and gifts. In the framework of the communication program, the communicators handed out leaflets, instructions and guidelines to students so that they could exercise power saving at home and at school.

The program has intrigued a strong response from the students and teachers as well. Through small actions of the students, it is expected that the program would create a positive impact on their families and friends, to contribute to power saving movement throughout the community.

Power savings communication in Phu Yen

Meanwhile, in Phu Yen province, the communication program for power saving in school was organized with a contest "Knowledge in power saving”. Throughout the program, the entertainment, the variety shows, skit performance, fashion show contest, painting contest, and eloquent speech contest were all cleverly integrated into the theme of power efficiency. The winning students received prizes including token money, certificates of merit of the Director of Phu Yen Electric Power Company and notebooks printed with power efficiency icon on the cover.

In Kon Tum, the Kon Tum Power Company in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training launched the movement "Power saving communication in school". Through the extracurricular activities, students were given flyers and encouraged to attend the communication sessions to learn about electricity savings. Besides, the power-saving programs are also incorporated into study curricumlum; Kon Tum Power Company continues the advocacy programs to save electricity in the households.

Bringing the knowledge on power efficiency into schools is a practical activity to educate the students. Imparting this knowledge during  schooling time will help the students develop a habit of using energy with savings and efficiency, thus forming a younger generation with consciousness of mainstream issues in energy and environment.

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