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Gia Lai Power Company to Reduce Unaccounted-for Electricity


The three solutions: organizational restructure. technical and operational management, and business management are the three thrusts for drastic implementation in Gia Lai Power Company to make a breakthrough in the reduction of unaccounted-for-electricity in 2015 in the province.

The three solutions: organizational restructure technical and operational management, and business management are the three thrusts for drastic implementation in Gia Lai Power Company to make a breakthrough in the reduction of unaccounted-for-electricity in 2015 in the province.

Innovative operation of the Steering Committee

Gia Lai Power Company establishes a steering committee for reduction of unaccounted-for-electricity in the company and its affiliated units; it is to do with regular communication with electricity users and customers so that they would implement measures in economical and reasonable use of electricity with safety. The unaccounted-for-electricity is calculated by software PSS/Adept and MDMS to inform the affiliated units the estimated amount of unaccounted-for-electricity, to link the actual reduction to the level of reward. In a monthly routine, the company reviews for analyzing the causes of energy loss from medium voltage feeders to find solutions.

Promote technical and operational management

The goal of this solution is not to overload the lines, the transformers; to ensure optimal operation mode; inspection and maintenance of the power grid in good operating condition; implement good management and technical operation and accident prevention; gradually to remove the entrusted devices of poor performance, and high loss to replace with new devices of high performance, and low loss; to calculate and manage technical loss at each substation, each line, each region for proper management, assessment and working out appropriate measures to reduce the energy loss.

To accomplish this goal, Gia Lai Power Company regular monitors the grid operating parameters, load growth for operational planning, improving the grid, modulating the full loaded and under-loaded transformers, not to overload the lines, nor overload the transformer on the grid. It is not to allow the transformers in the state of split phase operation. Therefore, the company regularly monitors the nodes on the grid, calculates the location and volume of compensating capacitors to determine the optimum installation, conversion and rational operation of the capacitors on the grid to reduce the losses.


It is necessary to inspect and carry out maintenance of the grid, not to let poor connectors or bad contactors cause exceeding heat resulting in loss. It is also to limit the unbalanced components and high harmonic order. Gradually, unreliable devices with poor performance, high loss should be soon phased out and replaced with  new devices with high performance, and low loss. Especially, when lifting the capacity of transformers, it is necessary to increase the cross- section of attached conductors and devices to match the capacity.

The wiring corridor should be cleared for medium voltage electric lines, areas of bare wiring and low voltage branches. The lines should be checked to detect broken and poor quality porcelain insulators for immediate replacement. The capital resources should be enlisted to concentrate the investment on upgrading the grid, to bring new projects in operation, to repair and replace with the larger cross-section wires for overloaded transmission lines, to replace the bare wire with sheathed wire  running through rubber forests, over hills; rational operation of the compensating capacitors on the medium-voltage grid, to realize the most efficient mode of economical operation of power grids.

Enhancing business management

This is an important measure to have initial calibration test on the meter conducted; and periodic replacement of meters done in time; inspection, maintenance and upgrade of the measuring system; meter readings performed as scheduled; inspection, discipline and sanctions applied on cases of stealing, to prevent improper uses of electricity.

Specifically, Gia Lai Power Company enhances the checks in the commercial side of the business, i.e. specialized check over the losses; development of regulations on lead sealing for meters, protective casing for measuring system. It is also to enhance the revision to ensure the correct recording and regulated meter readings. Gradually, new technologies are applied, with installation of equipment to perform the measurement of heavy loads with high accuracy. Energy loss in the distribution transformer booths shall be strictly controlled. When the detected loss rate is 3% different from the loss calculation at any booth, there must be counter-measures to fix it. 


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