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Cleaner Production in Garment and Textile Saves Energy


Garment enterprises apply cleaner production programs, saving more energy thereby contributing to the increased productivity and product quality.

Garment enterprises apply cleaner production programs, saving more energy thereby contributing to the increased productivity and product quality.

Currently, the investment wave into textile and garment has been moving from Central America, South America, South Africa, Eastern Europe, and South West Europe to textile producers in Asian countries. However, within the Asian countries, competitive situation is also fierce. Further, the technical barriers in terms of labor, environment, dumping raised by major importing markets such as the US, Western Europe are getting more intricate. Currently most of the domestic garment enterprises have become aware of the importance of information technology applications; besides, these enterprises also pay attention to cleaner production program, energy savings, increase of productivity and product quality.

The majority of textile enterprises have their websites, e-mail based transactions, software application for management and operation, application of information technology in design management and manufacture of products.

To achieve the goal of sustainable development, with focus on export, the textile and garment sector carried out research in the application of new technology, new materials to produce textile products with outstanding features. The software in the design, production management and textile product quality assurance has been applied.

For example, previously, in the dyeing industry the client had to bring the test sample to the enterprise for test dyeing, then the enterprise had to return the sample for approval before mass production. It might take the whole week for this process to get through. Now thanks to the application of information technology, the enterprise can work with the client over the network and try the sample dyeing, as long as the agreement can be reached with the client, mass production can proceed.

Productivity is increased as a result of application of cleaner production programs in the textile sector. Along with it, energy savings program helps businesses focus more on productivity and product quality. As one of the pioneer textile enterprises in making investment, using environmentally friendly technological products, the Hanoi Textile and Garment Stock Corporation (Hanosimex) has invested nearly VND223.5 million to install the energy saving devices for the sewing machines 3S. The advantages of this device help reduce engine power at idle time, and the engine always operates in the optimum condition, high performance and power savings during low load.

Similarly, Tien Hung Garment Company (in Hung Yen province) installed two thermal pumps to replace the boiler; made use of 35 LED lights for replacement of compact lamps; installation of inverters for pump systems. These devices helped the company cut down by VND177.6 million/year on energy costs.

The two companies as mentioned above are just two out of many companies which apply cleaner production program, energy savings, whereby these companies operate in optimal condition, efficiency and productivity, with ensured quality of products.

The investment in environmentally friendly technology products does not always require large capital investment, long-time investment while the benefits could be enormous. This benefit not only helps businesses save costs in production, but also jointly contributes towards the goal of sustainable development of the textile and garment industry.

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