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Hoa Binh hydropower plant produces over 10 billion KWh for the third time


This is the third year in a row Hoa Binh hydropower plant’s output exceeded 10 billion KWh.

Hoa Binh hydropower plant built in Hoa Binh province is Vietnam’s major power center. In addition to its main task of flood control, irrigation and transportation, this construction also produces electricity to the national grid with an average output between 9.5 and 10.5 billion KWh per year.  

In the past year, due to all staff’s efforts, Hoa Binh hydropower company has excellently completed the assigned task which is supplying 10.058 billion KWh of electricity. This is one of the most outstanding results the company has achieved in 2015. Moreover, this is the third consecutive year in which Hoa Binh hydropower plant’s output exceeded 10 billion KWh.

In 2016, the company aims at reaching the target of providing 10.126 billion KWh for manufacturing activities. It plans to produce 200 billion KWh by the middle of 2016. Moreover, Hoa Binh hydropower company will continue making effort to accomplish its assigned missions and achieve general objectives of Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

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