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Enterprises Supported in Selection of Energy Efficiency Options


The electricity sector and other relevant departments of Can Tho City deployed several communication activities to disseminate the energy solutions, energy use patterns for savings and efficiency.

To improve the energy efficiency in the business community, the electricity sector and other relevant departments of Can Tho City deployed several communication activities to disseminate the energy solutions, energy use patterns for savings and efficiency. It is meant to support businesses in their choice of solution and application of model that can optimize the energy efficiency in line with the scale and working conditions of each enterprise.

Deployment of multiple activities

In order to effectively implement the national target program on the economical and efficient use of energy, the electricity sector in coordination with the stakeholders in Can Tho city has been actively promoting advocacy activities to call for energy-saving practices in the business community. In parallel with those activities, in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Can Tho electricity organized many training courses on safety in electrical appliance and usage, and efficiency for workers, managers in various enterprises in the city. On that basis, it provides the knowledge, technical solutions to save energy in boiler system, industrial cooling system in the production lines in factories, warehouses, and workshops. Therefore, it contributes to the improved knowledge in energy management of economical and efficient use for workers and managers to save production cost and to improve the business performance for enterprises. In parallel with these activities, the power sector also implemented various counter measures for fast processing of electrical breakdowns, promptly answering the customers’ questions and complaints; deployment of business services in accordance with the regulations; highlighting the attitude in customer service. In collaboration with relevant units, the sector also performs instant messaging to all electricity users; enterprises, households, and individuals to thank the customers via SMS or email.

Solar energy air conditioning in factories, workshops, high-rise buildings, hotels, and hospitals.

Mr. Duong Nghia Hiep, deputy director of Can Tho City Department of Industry and Trade cum Director of Can Tho Energy Center (ECC Tho), said: during the past time, the city deployed more synchronized communication activities, common solutions for energy efficiency to all classes of people. Also, the timely information transmission on the status and trends of energy consumption in the industrial manufacturing sector in Can Tho city is also conducted. Can Tho ECC also cooperates with the industries and relevant units of the city organizations to conduct audits for key businesses using much energy in the field of aquatic products processing, and food processing. On that basis, Can Tho ECC organizes sessions of legal consulting for application of new technologies, which can optimize the energy efficiency to suit each type of businesses. To improve the energy efficiency and savings in the business community, Can Tho ECC cooperates with relevant units to concentrate on training programs for energy managers and technicians of key enterprises inside and outside the city. The training program focuses on some common contents on energy saving potentiality in the manufacturing and trading, food processing, textiles, cement, and commercial buildings. It also deploys some contents focusing on responsible use of energy with saving and efficiency in industrial production facilities, the task of energy management. It then helps key energy users to operate in compliance with the Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy. In addition, the training program also provides in-depth knowledge about the use of energy-saving in air-conditioning system, industrial cooling systems, steam systems, pump, fan, compressor and lighting system, all of which help energy managers, technicians in the business to understand the demands of energy.

Considerable Effectiveness 

According to Mr. Duong Nghia Hiep, for quality improvement ofthe economical and efficient use of energy program, Can Tho City Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with relevant departments organized many seminars to induce the application of LED technology in lighting, the solar energy technology to save energy in air conditioning, cooling system at the factories, workshops, high-rise buildings , hotels, and hospitals. At the same time, the Department introduced energy management systems, with intelligent controller which can connect the sensing devices to the Internet for analysis, report and data display on the situation of energy consumption in business volume in the field of food processing, and seafood processing. The updated information about the equipment and management models over the power consumption displayed by the monitoring system connected to the smartphone helps businesses control energy consumption levels. Therefore, businesses can perform timely adjustment, appropriate solutions for energy management and efficiency, to contribute to saving the production cost and improving the business competitiveness. 

Thanks to the synchronized multiple activities to support the local enterprises in selection of solutions and models for energy efficiency, especially for key energy users, up to now, the effectiveness of these programs not only attracts the attention of the businesses, but many solutions are also widely applied. Mr. Bui Trung Hieu, Head of Technical Section ofTrung Son Food Corporation -Kien Giang, says: Being a business in seafood produce, the demand for management solutions and the economical and efficient use of energy is very high. Through the training program of energy managers conducted by the Can Tho Provincial Department of Industry and Trade, and other relevant departments, it has created opportunities for enterprises to acquire more useful information in the effective application of energy savings. Thus, there is now the basic knowledge in the application and layout arrangement of the lighting system, optimum for the production lines, limiting the electricity use during peak hours and rational use of the air conditioning system to fit the actual conditions of each enterprise. In addition, many other solutions to economical and efficient use of energy in lighting and in the production lines at many seafood processing enterprises in Can Tho city are also applied with priority. 

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