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Eventful and exciting market of The highest energy efficiency label


At the end of 2020, there will be products labeled with the highest energy efficiency label with the attached QR code on the household electrical market. This identification label has created a new wave in the selection and use of high-performance home appliances which is higher than the existing 5-star energy-labeled appliances on the market.

To help businesses manufacturing and distributing household appliances that consume electricity properly understand about the Highest Energy Label, the process of selecting and certifying products with the highest energy efficiency in 2021, Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu - Deputy Director General, Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade has shared some information to clarify this issue.

Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu - Deputy Director General, Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade
On the market today it seems to appear the highest energy efficiency label with QR code certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for some electricity consuming products. Could you please give more details about the meaning of this label?
Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu:

Back in 2008, it was quite difficult when implementing the energy labeling roadmap for high-performance products in the market. Initially, the Ministry of Industry and Trade only provided a roadmap for voluntary energy labeling to give businesses time to adapt and prepare. At that time, energy labeling was new therefore the participating businesses were not much. Initially, there were only a few pioneering enterprises with limited product groups such as T8 fluorescent lamps, compact lamps (CFLs), low-loss electromagnetic ballasts of pioneering enterprises such as Rang Dong, Dien Quang, Vinakip, or some fan products of businesses such as ASIA Fan, DK Fan... From those voluntary steps as well as the communication to raise public awareness of the National Energy Efficiency Programme (VNEEP1 period 2006-2010, VNEEP2 period 2011-2015) has created significant movement in the market on the selection of products with Energy Label.
At that time, on VTV1 channel's broadcast, the promotional clips of the VNEEP when promoting the selection of high-performance products, were labeled with Energy Label and the video clip ended with the sentence: "The more stars it has, the more you save." Until then, at executive meetings, or summarizing the National Energy Efficiency Programme, when greeting each other, energy-saving working people still do not forget to wish each other: "The more stars it has, the more you save"...
After 5 years of implementing voluntary labeling as outlined in the roadmap, from July 1, 2013, the Energy Labeling Programme changed from voluntary to compulsory for some vehicles and equipment according to regulations as the list has been approved by the Prime Minister since 2011. It was a long period of voluntary work and effective propaganda programs that helped create a market for energy-saving products; Create habits for consumers to choose the highest performing products and created enough time to help businesses gradually change their technology, switch to production of modern, high-tech and energy-efficient equipment.
The Energy Label helps consumers to choose high-efficiency, energy-saving products. Up to now, products such as light bulbs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, electric fans apply Energy labeling, consumers only need to care about the product's comparison and certification labels.
In particular, the certification label is the product certification that has the highest energy efficiency compared to similar products. On the comparison label, based on the savings levels from 1 star to 5 stars, "more stars - more savings" helps consumers easily choose to buy energy-efficient products without having to consider much.

Comparative energy labels and certification labels
After 8 years of implementing the Compulsory Energy Labeling Programme, up to now, there has been a strong transformation in energy efficiency in the market. According to statistics, nearly 95% of products, vehicles and equipment using energy in the household, commercial and industrial sectors have been labeled. The program eliminates about 45 million incandescent bulbs annually from the market, increasing the efficiency of 06 popular types of electricity consumption products, including transformers, air conditioners, rice cookers, fans, and fluorescent lamps tube, CFL. Notably, the efficiency of using air conditioners increases every year, saving about 100 million kWh each year for this is the device that consumes a lot of energy.
The energy enterprise program has also created consumption and purchasing habits high-efficiency and energy-saving products. This trend not only helps to save significant amounts of electricity but also makes an important contribution to environmental protection and raising people's awareness about energy use.

Leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and VECEA honored the leading products in energy efficiency in 2020
Vietnam has formed a market for high-performance products. Firms compete with each other fiercely. Consumers benefit from that, using high-performance products at reasonable and affordable costs. Many high-performance products with advanced and power-saving features are equivalent to power-saving devices used in Europe and the US.
As the market for high-performance products runs smoothly, companies are gradually offering products with performance higher than the Vietnamese standard 5-star level to compete with each other, and the National Energy Efficiency Programme promotes more and more energy efficient products that are good for the market and also for consumers finally good for the whole VNEEP period 2019-2030.
From 2020, not only promoting the market and improving the energy efficiency of products, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also  organized the Highest Energy Efficiency Award to honor the pioneer enterprise with energy efficient products which are rated above 5 star level, to help consumers identify more outstanding energy-saving products. Certified products will be labeled with the Highest Energy Efficiency Label and issued with a QR code when circulated on the market.

Highest energy efficiency label with attached QR code certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade
So specifically, which products have been certified as the highest energy efficiency products on the market by the Ministry of Industry and Trade?
Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu:

2020 is the first year the Ministry of Industry and Trade organized the Highest Energy Efficiency Award. Despite its taking place in the context of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic and the implementation of social distancing according to the Prime Minister's Directive, the Award still attracted a large number of businesses manufacturing and trading in energy-consuming equipment. 
With a total of 184 products participated in the Awards, there ư54 winning products. Products are diverse in types, from air conditioners, LED lights to washing machines, refrigerators... These are outstanding products not only in terms of energy consumption but also manufactured and distributed by businesses that meet the criteria of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Products that meet the criteria are certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as the highest energy efficient product and announced at .
Highest energy efficiency labels and QR codes are affixed on the product surface to help consumers identify high performance products. Their attached QR code application is easy to look up at: Consumers when choosing a product can look up information about the product's energy consumption such as its capacity, energy efficiency, test units  along with technical parameters and suggestions to use products rationally and save energy.
Consumers and businesses are interested in the management, certification and QR code of products. How is this work done by the Ministry of Industry and Trade?
Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu:

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the host of the Awards The Ministry has assigned the Vietnam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association (VECEA) to organize the Awards.

The Organizing Committee will carry out a reality check at the businesses with the highest Performance rating proposed by the Jury and the Technical Council. The Organizing Committee will decide and select satisfactory products to award prizes. Award-winning products will be certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the highest Energy Efficiency Label and issued with a QR code when circulated on the market so that consumers can look up the information.

Comsumer looks up Energy efficiency information with QRcode app
As a state management authority in the field of energy and energy saving, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to promote the implementation of the Energy Labeling Programme, gradually raise the energy efficiency of equipment, promote and push enterprises to invest in technology to produce high quality products. At the same time, the MOIT also promotes propaganda, helps consumers pay attention and easily recognize high-performance and energy-saving products.
Thank you for your sharing!
In 2021 to achieve the highest energy efficiency product certification, the product must first meet the Award's regulations and rules, have an outstanding performance level - above 5 stars at the mean time. The scale given by the Technical Council has four main criteria: business strategy/plan of the enterprise; Receiving customer and market information; Working environment of employees, social responsibility; and Product Specifications.

After the application period ends, the awarding technical committee, which is the leading experts representing research agencies, universities, and industry associations in the energy field, will conduct an assessment and select products and businesses that meet the criteria for awarding.

The time to receive entries to participate in the award starts from August 25, 2021 to the end of October 31, 2021. After the application period ends, the Technical council will evaluate and select the products and businesses that meet the criteria for awarding. The awards are expected to be announced and awarded at the end of 2021.

The Organizing Committee expects that the Highest Energy Efficiency Award, held annually, will create a driving force to promote competition among businesses in transforming production technology and bringing efficient products to the market. Thereby, the actual performance standard level in the market will be established continuously over time instead of the performance standard revision every 5 years as previously implemented by the State.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses participating in the Awards can submit their applications in both paper and electronic forms. Enterprises participating in the Awards will submit their documents according to the detailed instruction form posted on the website
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hiep, Standing Vice President, General Secretary of Vietnam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association (VECEA)
Ha Tran

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