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Consultation on Energy Efficiency Boiler Catalogue and Wood Drying Guideline


On the morning of March 19th, in Ho Chi Minh City, a technical seminar "Consultation on Energy Efficiency Boiler Catalogue and Wood Drying Guideline" was organized.

The seminar was held both offline and online, within the framework of the Energy Partnership Programme between Vietnam and Denmark 2020 - 2025 (DEPP3) funded by the Danish Government, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Embassy.
Participants at the seminar included representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Danish Energy Agency, the Danish Embassy, Departments of Industry and Trade, energy audit and service companies, industrial enterprises in the wood processing sector and some related industrial sectors, universities, research institutes, and experts in the field of energy saving from Denmark and Vietnam.
The seminar introduced the draft contents of the Energy-saving Technology (EST) Handbook for Boilers and the Guidelines on EST for Drying and Thermal Systems in the Wood Processing Industry. The documents were developed by Danish experts from the world's best practices and technologies, and adjusted to fit the context of Vietnamese enterprises.
Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu, Deputy Director of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade delivered the opening speech.
Using energy efficiency and conservation (EE&EC) is one of the solutions prioritized by the Vietnamese Government to ensure energy security, reduce dependence on imported fuel, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Vietname National Energy Efficiency Programme for the 2019 – 2030 period (VNEEP3), approved by the Prime Minister, aims to save from 8-10% of the total national energy consumption during 2019 – 2030. One of the main tasks of the VNEEP3 program is to review, develop, and perfect mechanisms and policies on EE&EC, including the development of technical guidelines on EE&EC, to complete and disseminate from 15 - 20 technical guidelines for various economic sectors and sub-sectors by 2025.
At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu, Deputy Director of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade, stated: “One of the key activities of Component 3 within the DEPP3 Program is the development of the Energy Efficiency Technology Handbook in the Vietnamese industrial sectors and the technical guidelines on EE&EC solutions in some energy-intensive industries and sub-industries, aiming to promote the application of technologies and solutions for using energy efficiency and conservation at industrial enterprises. The construction and completion of these documents will contribute to the goals of the VNEEP3.” - Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu emphasized.
Mr. Jongen Hvid - Long-term technical advisor of the DEPP3 Program spoke at the seminar.
At the seminar, delegates were introduced to and consulted on the draft of Energy Efficiency Boiler Catalogue and Wood Drying Guideline. Boilers were chosen as the first technology in the Energy Efficiency Technology Handbook for the Vietnamese industrial sectors, focusing on the best current technological solutions based on international experience to ensure the energy efficiency of industrial boiler systems.
Mr. Hoang Van Tam - Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development commented on the draft.
Moreover, the draft Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Technology for drying and thermal systems in the wood processing industry provide practical information and instructions on technological and technical solutions to optimize energy use for these systems. Some notable contents include: the process of analyzing and optimizing drying and heat supply systems, types of data to collect/evaluate, solutions, and systematic presentation of investment proposals...
Another topic introduced at the seminar is the use of heat pump technology in wood drying. Heat pump technology has been applied in industrial drying processes at some factories in Vietnam and has brought positive energy efficiency outcomes. According to experts, this technology has the potential for diverse applications in industrial sectors to promote the use of energy efficiency and conservation.
Delegates attended the discussion.
After the seminar, experts will revise the drafts based on the feedback from the delegates and plan to launch the finalized products by mid-2024.  
The Energy Partnership Programme between Vietnam and Denmark 2020 - 2025 (DEPP3) is a technical assistance project funded by the Danish Government with a total non-reimbursable ODA fund of 60.29 million Danish Krone, equivalent to 8.96 million USD. The DEPP3 program is developed within the framework of Denmark's Energy Partnership Program with four countries: Vietnam, China, South Africa, and Mexico, aiming to support these countries in implementing their nationally determined contributions to greenhouse gas emission reductions under the Paris Agreement.
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