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Save energy by not turning clocks back in October, says expert


Prof Aoife Foley says it would remain light for part of energy peak between 5pm and 7pm, reducing household bills

Households could save more than £400 a year on energy bills if clocks were not put back at the end of October, according to an expert, who said it would help people with the cost of living crisis and reduce pressure on the National Grid this winter.

Foley’s calculations suggest households could save more than £400 a year on electricity bills. (Photograph: Hollie Adams/PA)

Evening energy demand peaks between 5pm and 7pm during winter. If clocks stayed on daylight saving time (DST), it would remain light for at least part of this time, reducing carbon emissions and energy demand.


We know it is a difficult time for families across the country, which is why we have put in place immediate support for the coming winter. The Government’s Energy Price Guarantee is reducing the price of energy and millions of the most vulnerable households are also receiving £1,200 each this year in additional support.

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