Friday, 14/06/2024 | 12:53 GMT+7

Industry-construction and product energy efficiency awards launched


The 2023 energy efficiency award in industry-construction and the energy-efficient product award have been launched to look for solutions that reduce energy consumption.

According to the organisers, the awards are intended to honour outstanding industrial enterprises and construction projects in the application of energy-saving measures.
The launch of the two energy efficiency awards.
The awards will also encourage enterprises to employ advanced technologies and management solutions to manufacture highly energy-efficient products.
The deadline for submission is November 15, 2023, and the awards are scheduled to be announced and presented in December.
According to the state power utility EVN, over 3,000 key industrial facilities in Vietnam consume about 80 billion kWh each year and if they can save 2% of their power consumption, the country can save 1.6 billion kWh a year, equivalent to 3.2 trillion VND (133 million USD).
Similarly, if 27 million households throughout Vietnam reduce their power consumption by 1%, the country can save 630 million kWh or 1,174 billion VND (48.8 million USD) each year.
The potential to save energy in construction works is also high, estimated at 30-35%, according to the Ministry of Construction.
A calculation by EVN suggests that if Vietnam can reduce its total power consumption by 2%, the country can save about 5 billion kWh, equivalent to the annual output of a 1,200-megawatt power plant.
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