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Da Bac: Water Resource Utilization with High Economic Efficiency


In Tien Phong commune, during the previous year, the hygienic drinking water remains a permanent concern for most people.

Water extraction with efficiency is one of the key tasks of Da Bac district governance. Therefore, in recent years, along with the partaking of the executive committees, the governance, the consensus of the people, the use of water resources has been made effective.

In Tien Phong commune, during the previous year, the hygienic drinking water remains a permanent concern for most people. Since the policy of the Party coming into effect, the government made state investment into clean water schemes to the villages, and the people joined in with their contribution and inputs. So far, many households in the province have better living conditions and could spend more time on the production, to promote their domestic economy.

In the discuss with Mr. Xa Van Thuc, the Chairman of Tien Phong commune people’s Committee, he said “although the commune is within the lake catchment area, it has rugged terrain, causing difficulty for transportation. However, thanks to the investment of the State, so far, in the commune has clean water supplied to more than 60% of households. By the end of 2016, approximately 80% of the commune households would be supplied with water from the watershed.

In the territory of Da Bac district, by the end of 2015, 85% of households access clean water, which is higher than the previous year’s rate. To achieve this result, Da Bac district has mobilized the participation of all sectors and local institutions to get many financial resources. At the same time, the public communication and education, service popularization are also promotedfor hygienic water supply to the people.

Farmers also take the advantage of natural water sources and the existing ponds, lakes to develop their farming for fish farming and economic development.  By the end of 2015, the area of ponds and fish ponds of the district covered 82.2 ha; with 900 fish cages, which is 165% over the same period of previous year. The total production of livestock, fisheries reached 1,020 tons, of which, 530 tons were from farming, and 490 tons from catch.

Over the years, Da Bac district has invested tens of billion dong into domestic water schemes. It is the factor that has changed the façade of rural areas substantially, especially in a remote and mountainous district.

Along with the efficient extraction of water resources, the district also makes good reforestation and forest protection. Thanks to the revitalized forest, it helps maintain a stable water catchment for continuous supply. People have favorable good conditions for economic development. In 2015, the district planted over 1617 hectares of forest, reaching 202% of the annual plan, and 150% over the same period of previous year.  In particular, the local projects and enterprises planted over 1,058 hectares; the local people planted trees over 558,8 ha. The management, protection of the forest are focal concerns, thus there was no forest fires.

In 2016, Da Bac district strives for 100% of the plan for afforestation, forest coverage reaches 49.5%; proportion of households using clean water reaches 87%. At the same time, more efficient use of the water surface area will be promoted for economic development; it is to strengthen the management, protection and improvement of forests, particularly in protection forests and special-use forest; the poverty rate is planned to fall from 28.84% to 25%; the average income is planned for an increase from VND19.4 million up 21.5 million /person /year.

Trong Tan

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