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Son Ha Co., Ltd, applies energy efficiency and conservation measures


Reducing production costs and meeting the requirements of partners and customers for green, environmentally friendly production are the factors that drive Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch (Vu Ninh industrial cluster, Kien Xuong district) to implement energy-saving solutions.

Son Ha Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing export jackets with nearly 2,000 workers. Currently, the company has over 3,000 industrial sewing machines, hundreds of printing machines, a boiler system, lighting, and a cooling system all using electricity. Previously, the company had to spend from 450 to 500 million VND on electricity each month.
Using inverters has helped Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch, significantly save on monthly electricity consumption.
Mr. Le Ngoc Luc, Head of the Mechanical and Electrical Department of the Company, stated: "Old machinery and technology are the reasons for high electricity consumption with low work efficiency. This situation not only increases the production costs for the business but also affects the quality criteria of the factory when foreign customers come to evaluate, leading to the risk of losing production and export orders. Realizing this inadequacy, the Company assigned us to focus on energy auditing, propose solutions for energy saving, and build a factory that meets the criteria for green energy."
Accordingly, the Company invested in replacing all lighting from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED; machinery with high power consumption was invested with inverter systems to protect the motors, reduce mechanical wear, enhance productivity, meet technological requirements, and save electricity. The electromechanical sewing machines, which consumed a lot of electricity, were replaced with electronic sewing machines with inverter technology that maximized electricity efficiency. In addition, the Company actively promoted and instructed workers to implement electricity-saving measures, establish efficient production processes, and prevent situations where equipment and machinery operate without purpose. Especially, the Company invested over 12 billion VND in installing a solar power system. The rooftop solar panels not only protect the factory roofs but also generate electricity with a total capacity of 998kWh, meeting 41% of the electricity consumption needs of the entire factory.
Ms. Pham Thi Lua, Head of the Administrative and Human Resources Department at Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch, shared: "To date, the rooftop solar power system has produced over 2 million kWh, equivalent to a value of over 4 billion VND. Implementing measures for energy-saving, efficient use, and green energy has helped the Company reduce energy costs from 450 - 500 million VND/month to 150 - 200 million VND/month. The effectiveness of energy saving and efficient use also helps the business improve product quality, makes machinery more durable, and maintains continuous operation without interruption due to breakdowns, thus ensuring delivery schedules for customers. Especially, the Company fully meets the criteria for factories, green energy usage, protects the environment, safety, and social welfare for workers, creating favorable conditions for negotiating and signing production orders, maintaining exports with partners from France, the USA, Canada, Japan, and South Korea."
Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch, invested over 12 billion VND to install a solar power system for production purposes.
Many workers at Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch, have stated that the company's implementation of energy-saving measures has brought safety and improved working conditions for workers, with a significant increase in income.
Regarding Son Ha's electricity-saving solutions, Mr. Pham Xuan Chien, Deputy Director of Kien Xuong Electricity, said: Recently, Kien Xuong Electricity has been promoting and urging customers, especially businesses in the area, to use electricity economically. They guide businesses to install an app to track daily electricity consumption, from which they can find more reasonable and economical electricity usage solutions. Son Ha Co., Ltd., Thai Binh branch is one of the active businesses in exchanging information and sharing electricity-saving solutions, helping many local enterprises to refer, apply, and collectively reduce electricity consumption. This also assists Kien Xuong Electricity in maintaining a safe and sufficient electricity supply for socio-economic development.
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