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Saving energy with the application of magnetic ultrasonic technology


The advantage of the modified starch production solution E1420 applying magnetic ultrasound technology is to help improve productivity that can save significant input materials and energy.

The application of ultrasonic technology, combining physically and chemically in the production of modified starch helps to reduce reaction time compared to those in traditional methods, and at the same time reduce the amount of additives used, from which saves energy and input materials.
Useful energy saving solution
In food production, modified starch is a widely used raw material with characteristics of stability, transparency and low gelatinization temperature. Modified starch derived from plants such as wheat, potato, corn, tapioca - cassava, is used as a thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, binder in the food and paper industry and other industries.

Some common modified starches: Acetylated Starch (E1420), Phosphated Starch (E1412), Acetylated Distarch Adipate (E1422)
This type of starch is made by physical, chemical or biochemical (enzyme) treatment of natural starch to change or enhance new properties by splitting, rearranging or synthesizing new substituents. However, the traditional method of chemical and physical starch modification has the disadvantages of a long reaction time and low reaction efficiency. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency, it is necessary to improve many factors such as increasing mixing ability, controlling reaction conditions (reaction temperature, reaction time), etc.
In that situation, Postharvest Technology Solutions Co., Ltd has done researched and come up with a solution to apply ultrasonic technology, combining both physically and chemically in the production of modified starch E1420. This solution can be applied in the production of modified starch on an industrial scale.
Easy to apply in practice
According to the Postharvest Technology Solutions - PoTS Co., Ltd., the advantage of the E1420 modified starch production solution applying the technology of ultrasonic magnetic is to help improve productivity, save input materials and energy. Compared with the traditional method, the reaction time can be shortened to 1/2- 2/3, and this new solution also reduces the amount of additives used.

The investment cost for the E1420 modified starch production solution applying ultrasound technology with a capacity of 3 tons/hour (or 72 tons/day) is about 11 billion VND.
Besides, the application of  magnetic ultrasonic technology solution to produce modified starch E1420 is also quite simple. Accordingly, for tapioca starch factories, when investing in physical ultrasound technology to produce modified starch E1420/E1422, it is only necessary to invest in more physical equipment systems and mixing tanks. If you want to produce other types of modified starch such as E1412 gelatinized phosphate modified starch, in addition to the above equipment, you will need some additional equipment such as rotary drying system, grinding equipment.
For businesses that need modified starch as raw materials to process finished products (chili sauce, ketchup, etc.), they can import plain starch, just need to invest in more technology and physical equipment systems and tanks. Stirring reaction is possible to produce variable starch for use.
A representative of the Post-Harvest Technology Solution Co., Ltd. said that the investment cost for the E1420 modified starch production solution applying physical ultrasound technology with a capacity of 3 tons/hour (or 72 tons/hour) days) is about 11 billion. The expected payback period is after 12 months. In which, the cost of equipment and technology for each ton of starch is about 1.4 million VND/ton.
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