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Phuc Kien Co., Ltd., is effectively implementing energy-saving measures


Phuc Kien Co., Ltd., (Kien Xuong, Thai Binh) has operated since October 2012, specializing in the production and trading of various types of corrugated carton boxes. Over the years, the company has consistently made efforts to implement solutions aimed at optimizing costs, saving energy, and materials, contributing to ensuring production efficiency, and combating climate change.

Mr. Do Hong Minh, the Sale Director of Phuc Kien Company, stated: Energy efficiency in general, and specifically power savings, is closely tied to the benefits of the enterprise. In the context of increasing input fuel prices for production and competitive product output, manufacturing enterprises using substantial amounts of energy must put even more effort into implementing energy efficiency practices to reduce product costs and enhance the competitiveness of goods in the market. For Phuc Kien Company, we are no exception. Previously, we annually spent approximately 1.3 billion VND on energy consumption, including electricity, fuel, and coal, accounting for about 7.6% of the total production cost. Energy costs represent a significant proportion of production expenses. Therefore, alongside implementing solutions to reduce energy costs, the company has established various measures and regulations to raise awareness among all employees regarding the use of energy efficiency and conversation practices.
The automated machinery at Phuc Kien Limited Liability Company contributes to energy efficiency
To support production, the company has invested in machinery, including 2 corrugated cardboard sheet-forming machines, 3 printing machines, 4 product-shaping machines, steam and heat suppliers, and several auxiliary machines to complete the products. The total investment exceeds 160 billion VND. Currently, the company's automated production machinery accounts for 60%, with 30% being semi-automatic and 10% manual. The production area that consumes the most electricity includes the corrugated cardboard sheet-forming system, printing machines, and boilers. Therefore, the company has converted some thermal equipment from fossil fuel-burning technology to compressed charcoal briquettes. They have also invested in an additional automatic gluing machine, improved and upgraded automatic paper connecting machine, with a total budget exceeding 20 billion VND. The company has implemented effective internal management, utilized natural light, used high-efficiency light bulbs, installed frequency converters for drying fans, and replaced power factor correction capacitors.
In addition, for the lighting system, the company prioritizes the use of LED lights in production lines, warehouses, and workshops. Regular inspections of operational equipment in the production process are conducted, and prompt action is taken to address any issues causing energy losses.
By conducting propaganda and mobilizing officers and employees, the company actively encourages the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the rational use of electricity. As a result, the company has achieved approximately 15% energy savings compared to before the implementation of energy efficiency measures. This initiative has helped sustain employment for 140 workers with stable incomes averaging 7 million VND per person per month.
Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, the Production Workshop Manager and in charge of electrical engineering at Phuc Kien Company, stated: To save energy, our company has integrated automation into the production process, applying modern technologies and equipment to optimize energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Some exemplary technologies that have proven effective in energy savings include replacing outdated, energy-consuming equipment with newer, more energy-efficient devices and incorporating automation technology into production processes. Energy-saving not only brings numerous benefits to the company but also contributes to helping the electricity sector alleviate overloads and reduce pressure on the power grid in the province.
The energy efficiency solutions implemented by Phuc Kien Company have proven to be effective, not only helping the company reduce input costs and enhance product competitiveness but also actively contributing to the implementation of “Vietnam National Energy Efficiency Programme”.
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