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Vietnam, US promote sustainable energy security cooperation


The 3rd Energy Security Dialogue has an important message for both Vietnam and the US. It is an appropriate time for Vietnam and the US to update each other on the national energy development plan according to appropriate energy transition orientations, in line with the global climate change mitigation trend.

Recently, the 3rd Vietnam - US Energy Security Dialogue was held in the virtual form by Mr. Hoang Tien Dung - Director General of the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ms. Anna Shpitsberg - Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States co-chaired.

The US Energy Security Dialogue is an annual ministerial-level cooperation framework to strengthen cooperation in the energy and electricity sectors between Vietnam and the United States.
Mr. Hoang Tien Dung said, through this cooperation mechanism,since 2018, Vietnam and the United States have implemented many cooperation activities in the energy field, including: exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, oil and gas services, build and provide thermal power plant equipment, promote wind power development, technical cooperation in specialized fields…
The dialogue consists of 4 sessions on the following topics: Energy transition; Development of the power grid and integrating Renewable Energy into the power system; Wind power development; and selection for electricity and renewable energy projects investor. The event created conditions for the two sides to have a deeper understanding of each country's energy development situation, further expanding cooperation opportunities between regulatory agencies as well as increasing specific cooperation projects between the businesses on both sides.
The representative of the United States said that the third energy security dialogue will continue to be an effective cooperation mechanism for the two sides to have a deeper understanding of each country's energy development, and at the same time help to expand more opportunities for energy cooperation between management agencies as well as increasing specific cooperation projects between businesses of the two sides.
At this 3rd Dialogue, the two sides witnessed the signing ceremony of a funding document for an energy storage battery system between the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and AMI Khanh Hoa Energy Joint Stock Company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMI AC Renewables Joint Stock Company, specializing in the development and operation of renewable energy projects in Vietnam.
Accordingly, the US Government sponsored USD 2,962 million of the total investment cost of USD 4.5 million for AMI Khanh Hoa Energy Joint Stock Company to install a storage battery system made by a leading partner in energy storage. This technology from the United States is provided at AMI Khanh Hoa Solar Power Plant.
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