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Top ten energy saving tips


We show you our top ten energy saving tips, which can help you to reduce your energy bills, as well as the amount of gas and electricity you use.

uSwitch energy expert Ann Robinson explains her top ten energy saving tips. Find out how to use less energy and save money on your gas and electricity bills.

Everyone is talking about energy efficiency - using less gas and electricity isn't just good for the environment, it can save you money on your gas and electricity bills too.

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Ann's top energy saving tips

  Draughts. Let me start with the obvious one - make sure you don't have any draughts. Seal off your windows and doors.

  Full load. If you're using your dishwasher or washing machine make sure you have a full load. 30 degrees. When you are using your washing machine, make sure you have it at thirty degrees. You can get a really good wash that way - in fact, you can drop down to fifteen degrees.

  1 degree. Turn your heating down by one degree.

  Curtains. Close your curtains when it gets dark.

  Boiling water. Only put as much water as you need in the kettle, so if you're making a cup of tea for one, don't fill it to the top.

  Light bulbs. Use energy saving light bulbs.

  Standby. Turn appliances off, don't keep them on standby.

  Family. If you've got a family, watch what your children are doing - they'll cost you the earth if they are leaving their appliances on and they're in their bedrooms for hours playing with their computers or DVDs or whatever.

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