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VPPC aims at 1.2 percent power saving


"Vinh Phuc Power Company (VPPC) is pushed forward with activities to achieve a 1.2 percent saving in commercial power usage

fa357faa2_vinhphuc.jpg"Vinh Phuc Power Company (VPPC) is pushed forward with activities to achieve a 1.2 percent saving in commercial power usage this year including promoting power saving at local households, signing commitments to reduce power consumption with local businesses, and minimizing power losses to the grid," Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc Power Company Phan Thanh An said in an interview with Vietnam Economic News' Bao Ngoc and Thu Huong.

What is Vinh Phuc Power Company's solution to ensure sufficient power supply during the dry season this year?

Vinh Phuc Power Company (VPPC) Vinh Phuc was assigned to supply 1.276 billion kWh during the dry season of this year, which will generally meet the local demand for power. 

In addition to solutions to ensure the local power supply during the dry season, VPPC will promote power saving and efficient use so as to further reduce the power loss rates.

Vinh Phuc Power Company already saved 13.6 million kWh last year, hitting 103 percent of the assigned plan of 13.2 million kWh.

Vinh Phuc was rated as one of the country's leading power saving provinces; so, what will VPPC do to continue efficient power saving this year?

VPPC aims to save about 1.2 percent of its total commercial power amount this year. In addition, the local power sector and state administrative units will also strive to save 10 percent of power this year respectively. To achieve these goals, Vinh Phuc will focus on power saving activities including promoting power saving awareness via mass media (Vinh Phuc's newspapers, Vinh Phuc Electronic Portal, and Vinh Phuc TV) and leaflets at provincial schools.

VPPC will also coordinate with local urban lighting companies to make power efficient lighting plans so as to be able to reduce the lighting capacity by 50 percent a day including a sharp reduction of lighting bulbs and billboard lights at peak hours and off-peak hours. In addition, it will flexibly perform seasonal cuts of lights on local streets and arteries.

In addition, household power saving campaign will continue to be promoted to achieve the goal of saving 10 percent of power this year. VPPC will launch a series of activities to raise the local power consumer awareness and open the power saving contest 2013 for local power consumers to participate. The use of solar water boilers will be encouraged to use after a remarkable result last year with 649 solar water boilers being sold locally.

What were VPPC's power saving solutions applicable to the provincial manufacturing sector?

Although many brick, mechanical engineering and steel enterprises are operating in the province, they have been fully aware of and cooperated with local authorities to perform necessary power saving actions. This year, 568 local enterprises have registered to save up to one percent of their power consumption including Honda, Piaggio Vietnam, Toyota and Prime Bricks via running their own generators to reduce power supply pressure for VPPC.

What will VPPC implement power saving plans to reduce power loss while ensuring local power supply?

According to statistics, Vinh Phuc Province's current power loss is about 5.4 percent. To further reduce the loss rate, VPPC will strengthen power management, ensure high quality power supply, and upgrade the power grid. Specifically this year, PPC planned to construct two 110kV power stations to avoid local overloads, improve rural power grid in cooperation with the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

In addition, VPPC has invested VND197 billion to improve the local rural low-voltage power grid to be completed by the end of the year with a view to contributing to improving the quality of power supply and reducing power losses, and replace 20,000 old power meters with high quality alternatives so as to reduce power losses.

By Le My

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