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Tackle this winter with energy-efficient heating solutions for your home


Many people are looking forward to the cooler temperatures that fall brings. However, it won’t be long until harsher winter months arrive and homeowners across the country are faced with keeping their indoor air temperatures comfortable and consistent.

It’s a daunting task — one that can be both frustrating and expensive — but homeowners can rest assured knowing they can help stabilize their home’s temperature. As the temperatures begin to drop, now is the perfect time to assess your winter heating plan to ensure you’re operating at maximum energy efficiency.

It's neccessary to reasset your heating plan to ensure energy efficiency
Don’t overlook the draft: An inch-wide gap may seem minor, but a small amount of space can drastically impact heating. Simply caulking the windows and applying weatherstrips to doors can help you save on your monthly heating bill.
Fans aren’t just for summer: Yes, your traditional ceiling fan can help with your heating woes. By running the fan counterclockwise, warm air will be pushed up to the ceiling and then down along the walls, providing an extra layer of heat that otherwise would just be stagnant.
Upgrade your heat pump: Heating is typically the largest energy expense for households, accounting for nearly 45% of residential energy bills, so choosing an efficient whole-home heating system is not something to put off. 
There’s nothing worse than stepping inside your home only to realize it’s not at the temperature you set it to. The Infinity 24 provides superior in-home comfort with features that enable more precise temperature control for the ideal atmosphere at home.
Insulation is your friend: There’s a reason to bundle up when you venture outside, so why not give your home the same protection? Ensuring your attic and/or basement has sufficient insulation will mitigate unnecessary heat loss.
By Warwick Beacon
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